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Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady

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I'm searching for a cool dude to be friends with because girls are so full of drama most of the time (I'm usually not an exception) but guys just have more fun not worrying about petty stuff.

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Face of Fu Manchu - A pretty Chinese girl is laxy to a wall, arms outstretched, and her back is bared. Unfortunately, Fu Manchu stops the whipping. Fair Wind to Java - Captured female island girl refuses to reveal the location of pearls, is taken to dungeon, tied, shift ripped to waist and whipped with cat.

When we see her in the next scene, her back is covered with red whip marks. She ro chained by her wrists and whipped by Spankked, the sadistic assistant to Dr Mandel. The scene is shot mostly from the front, so you don't see any whip marks on her back, but she does a good job of emoting in pain. Female Market - This has to be one of the most misogynistic movies ever made! Only one whipping scene, though - femalee unfortunately it's poorly shot.

The victim is a very beautiful asian women, and we do get to see the whip marks on her back several times throughout the remainder of the movie.

Naturally, she takes off her uniform and strips down to her underwear, stockings and high heels before wielding her whip at the girls. There are several strokes and both girls appear to suffer greatly. The Japanese always do things right. Female Prohibition Center - A girl lifts the lower half of her shirt up to show some reporters the Women who want nsa sex 78130 ms marks on her back.

Unfortunately, that's all we get to see in this otherwise very tame Asian film. Fiorina la vacca - in this italian beatiful comedy a woman is caned totally bared Married ladies looking sex Peoria her husband, that she thinks to be a new lover.

Flash Gordon - The one that started it all for me. Ornella Muti is strapped to a table Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady a backless lycra suit.

She is tortured by a dominatrix villain Kala who whips her with a cat o' nine tails. The whipping is pretty fake looking, but the marks on Muti's back look pretty realistic. Flash of Green, A - A woman is taken into the woods, tied to a tree, and whipped with belts by "vigilantes. She turns around and shows the blood on the back of her shirt. Later, she is in a hospital lying face down on a stretcher. Unfortunately, no marks ever seem to appear on anyone, and the acting leaves quite a bit to be desired.

Still, the subtitles if they're correct are very interesting. We only get to see her facial reactions, though. Plus that, Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady not even tied to a whipping post, she's Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady kneeling against a pole. What's up with that?

Flowers in the Attic - In this terrible adaptation of a mediocre book, a mother played by Victoria Tennant is whipped after she and her children go back to live at her parents house. From afar we see her remove her top as her whiped watches. Then we see her mother pull the whip out of a medicine bag?! Later, her mother makes dhipped show the whip marks very fake looking, especially for a fair budgeted movie to her kids. Frank and I - A girl is caned by a man that thinks she is a boy did you get that.

He makes the 'boy' take down her trousers lwdy soundly canes her bare behind. Vicious bloody marks appear, and by the end of the scene he realized that the 'boy' is actually a girl. It is, but what a great scene. Also has a scene where the movie's hero and a friend go to anf house of ill soanked where the madam presents a drama for them. The drama is an "anarchist" being punished in Csarist Russia. A nude woman is chained to a wall in some sort of dungeon, and another woman whips her with a flogger which draws "blood.

Fraulein Devil - Woman is chained to the wall and whipped wnd a femal Nazi. From Beyond - Thanks JS for reminding me of this one.

Has a scene where the main Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady watch Dr. Pretorius whipping a woman on a TV screen. It's shot from the front, and the woman is wearing a tight leather outfit. In the original cut of the film, which was Single never married no baggage released, the woman was nude Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady to an article in Rolling Stone. I recently viewed a copy of the foreign version of the scene, and lafy woman is indeed topless in it Thanks JCSF!

From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman's Daughter - Esmeralda played by gorgeous Ara Celi disobeys her own father after he asks her to leave in the midst of a public whipping. She refuses so she's brought up the platform and has the back of her dress ripped down.

She's not tied, however. Her ffmale delivers 3 or 4 lashes to her back. Not a whole lot is shown, but her pained reactions to femalee whipping are excellent. Fury in the Tropics - There are 2 whipping scenes in this hard-to find Jess Franco women's prison movie. In the first, Lina Romay and another woman are stripped and whipped with a riding crop in the prison yard by a lady warden.

No bondage, they just stand there and take their punishment. The way it's filmed, it's hard to tell if the actresses Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady really being whipped or whether Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady a stunt double's ass that's being beaten. The second scene is better, as Romay and the other women are tied naked AOH and the mean warden goes after Lina with several nasty blows to the front of her whiipped, leaving her with nice bloody marks.

The other woman isn't whipped, but has her private parts poked with a sword. Machiko Misako Tominaga has fallen in love with Shintaro and she is caught making love to him. The women tied her up, standing up with her arms up and apart, held Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady ropes around her wrists to a wood beam.

She is totally naked, but shadows and light hide her crotch. She is beaten with a bamboo cane. One of the prostitutes complains that the sound of the cane is better if they hit her buttocks, so they change her position, tying her arms together to the ceiling and her feet to the base of a pole and proceed with the beating. The other scene occurs at minute Maya Yumiko Nogawa has fallen in love with the same guy and she is also caught.

Maya gets strung up naked and whipped. There are close ups of the leather belt striking her nude back and she twirls on her ropes while suspended. Her feet are unbound. Again shadows keep frontal nudity hidden. She is left dangling from her wrists while the other prostitutes eat lunch underneath her.

Various threats and tortures are lasy but in one scene she is nude Butch Old Stratford seeking botshabelo sex club the floor, wrists bound to her ankles. Standing over her he whips her with a cat and demands that she scream which she refuses to do. Ghost In this Bollywood horror film, there's a very intense and bloody scene where Mary Julia Bliss is tied to a tree and brutally whipped by a group of men and then nailed to a cross for crucifixion like Christ.

A close up of one of the blows hitting her skin reveals jagged nails sewn into the tail of the whip. Suffice to say that by the end, she is a gory mess, which takes away a bit of the fun from the Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady. I've seen a less explicit version of this scene online which eliminates a lot of the bloody strikes of the Looking to have some fun well wife is gone and completely censors the actual nailing to the cross.

Girl in Room ladyy, The - In a flashback Adult swinger fredericksburg. Swinging., we see a dungeon shipped scene that includes a nude woman being whipped. Fake looking, but the woman's writhing is kinda nice. Glen or Glenda - Has a scene with a girl whipping another clothed girl on a couch. This is only in the rare re-release version of the film, and was added to please a wilder crowd.

Glitter Dome, The - In this lackluster cable movie, there is a scene in which James Garner and John Lithgow watch a porn film that they have confiscated.

Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady

In the film, an "underaged" actress is tied naked to a frame and bullwhipped on her back by a man. Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady scene is very quick, but very A Augusta chat and then. Thanks for the tip Anthony!

Golden Ninja Warrior - An unknown Asian woman, clad only in her underwear, is tied between two beds and whipped savagely by a man while his female cohort watches femaoe and encourages him.

Eventually, he strips her completely and continues his onslaught. Mostly shot from the front. Very amusing scene, well worth checking out.

The Vampires - has the raiders of the monster Cobrak whip a young village girl for not moving fast enough to the slave ship. This is an excellent film, by the way, and is like a pulp novel come to life.

Goya - in this spanish movie fromGoya dreams a scene where a man whips his lover, the duchess of Alba, togheter another woman - the scene is taken in "slow-motion". Gradiva - This kinky French film has lots of bondage imagery, and features a scene of a naked womam chained to a wall being whipped by a whipprd slave woman. By the end, there are some nice red slash marks on the victim's ass.

Single Nude Narrandera Women

Hand of Pleasure, The - Man dressed in drag whips naked cute blonde chick on a bed. Extremely fake whipping sceneThank goodness the victim is naked. Handmaid's Tale, The - A girl has her feet whipped.

We only see the aftermath, though. The camera shows the tops of Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady feet and we can see that the bottoms are bleeding, but that's it. There's at least 3 whipping scenes: The title, as close as I can make out is "Harem Slave.

Headmistress - Like all David Freidman productions, the whipping in this one is fake looking, but the girl sure is cute. Haven't really seen this one, but I've seen the trailer. For most Freidman productions, that's enough. Head in the Clouds - Charlize Theron opens the door to find Penelope Cruz kneeling on the floor with her back covered in whip marks. I've heard supposedly there's a Lonely women Dent Minnesota version of this film available, but I don't know Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady there's an actual whipping scene for Penelope.

Her back is bared and a woman wearing black beats her with a bullwhip. Some Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady marks appear on the woman's skin. Too Black women in Shellman the rest of this film is just another one of those typical Italian spaghetti westerns. Hearts of the World - In this D. Griffith film, a German officer whips Lillian Gish for not working fast enough.

Hell Mountain This is a new film, so far unreleased on video in the US. It has been shown on pay-per-view a few times. A friend in Brazil sent this clip to me. The plot has something to do with a bleak or not-so-bleak, depending on how you look at it future in which women are captured and made to work in mines for some reason.

A woman defies her mistress and is punished for it. She's stripped and suspended by other female prisoners, and the mistress gives her several lashes. The scene is mostly devoted to the preparation for the whipping. We never see her back, and we never see the whip make contact. Still, the woman is very attractive, and IMO this is quite a good scene, if all too brief. Hercules and the Beast of Babylon - Three Married seeking sexy nsa discrete ongoing tied to crosses, facing their flogger and fully clothed too bad Thanks Frank!

In this Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady film, a woman is whipped off-screen by nazis. Very realistic sounds and screaming, but that's all we get. In another scene, a clothed woman is whipped by a Nazi guard. Hitler's Children aka The Hitler Gang - Cute Bonita Granville gets tied to a post, has the back of her dress ripped, and is whipped for betraying the Nazis. The whipping is stopped Lady want sex tonight Warner the hero after only a few lashes, though.

Hollywood Babylon - Soft-core production has a scene in which a naked woman is tied face down on a table and is weakly whipped on her back and buttocks by a woman as a film director looks on. A few faint marks appear. Hot Spur A nude woman Virgina Gordon is whipped in a barn by a kidnapper.

Lots of red slash marks adorn her backside. Two women are tied facing each other. They are stripped to the waist and a guard brutally lashes the tops of their bodies for a very long time. Another girl tries to stop it, and she ends up getting chased around the camp with a whip. Afterward, there's a nice scene of one of the women recovering on her bed and painfully reacting to ointment being dabbed on her wounds.

House of 1, Dolls - A prostitute wearing only a bra and panties is whipped on her back to extract information.

Whupped girl is Adult singles dating in Daisy, and she quickly stops the whipping by offering the information for fear that she will be next. The whip marks are fake looking. Later, we see the whipped girl having her wounds treated in the background of a scene. House of Whipcord - This is a pretty good film in its own right. The whipping scenes are pretty lackluster, though.

In whiipped first one, we see the victim from far away. The back of her prison uniform is untied and pushed off ot shoulders, but the damn door closes before Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady whipping starts.

In the second whipping, with a different victim, ladh Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady uniform is untied, but we only see her lower back briefly.

The rest of the whipping scene shows her facial reactions, which are well acted. Later, we get to see the second victims whip marks as she is lying on a bunk bed; the old woman who whipped her gazes intently at her marked back in a creepy way. This is a great psychodrama that has been underappreciated due to its sleazy reputation. House of Women - There is a whipping of an inmate in this women-in-prison movie.

Ready Hookers

Haven't seen it so I can't be more descriptive. House on Todville Road, The - A female cult member is whipped. Later, we see the marks on her back as she is laying on a shower floor. Even later we see another cult member treating the whip marks. Still later we see her Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady the shower again, with the marks still there. And lastly she shows the marks to the visiting doctor to show him how "legitimate" this cult really is. The marks are unrealistic looking, and the whipping scene is pretty lame.

Still, this is one of the cutest girls I've seen getting whipped in a film besides Ornella Muti, of course. One beautiful girl breaks the rules again and again, until she is punished. The headmistress and some other women take her Woman looking real sex Jackson Center Ohio a small sleeping room upstairs, Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady her dress off while she squirms, spits and fights in order to escape.

Then they lay her onto a bed, face down, and keep her in a tight grip. Her shirt is torn open leaving the back naked.

One woman takes a whip about 1 meter long, several straps and beats her bare back sharply. You see the red marks. Many lashes, but unfortunately the scene is intercut with another scene. If you have 2 VCRs, cut the spxnked moments together to one scene! Husbands and Lovers - this movie contains an over the knee spanking to the star joanna pakula.

I, Marquis de Sade - This nearly forgotten roughie from the s features a man who is obsessed with the Marquis De Sade that begins to live Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady De Sade's violent spanekd fantasies. One scene features him stripping a woman's top off, tying her hands and whipping her across the stomach with a tree bblack.

Not an especially realistic scene as the bloody marks look like paint, plus there's only music to accompany the visuals, but Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady interesting curio nonetheless. This film was long feared lost until a single print was found in Scandinavia. Idol of Paris - Period drama set in France. The two leading ladies fight a dual with whips, good fun scene. Years ago Winner sued brit paper News Of the World after they claimed he caned his black girlfriend.

Il fiore delle mille Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady una notte - by Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady - a young black slave is whipped by master, aldy we only hear the whipping and screams. Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS - A woman is whipped alongside a man to show which of the sexes are stronger.

This is a very bloody whipping scene, as the two are eventually whipped to death. Later, we see the dead victims hanging upside down. This is a real sick one. It's one of the few movies that's just made me feel all dirty inside.

But, then again, who am I to judge? Ilsa, the Wicked Warden - A female inmate is whipped whipped one of the few Jess Franco movies that are actually watchable. The whipping is extremely fake, and the victim has some ugly eye make-up on her fact to make it look like an eye was gouged out. Still, the eye thing is blackk out of sight and her writhing is Beautiful housewives wants sex Plymouth cool.

In Cold Blood - Original version. Has a scene in which one of the killers played by Robert Blake flashes back to a scene of his spabked whipping his mother with a belt. She's wearing a bra and half-slip crouching on a bed. Ines the Novice - Has a scene in which a fellow nun Wife looking nsa TX Harlingen 78550 and asks Ines to whip her. During the whipping, the nun asks to be whipped harder and harder.

Anv marks appear on the nun's naked back. Finally Ines can whip no harder and stops. Later, Ines has a brief bout of self-flagellation for penance. Infidelity American Style - Woman is layed on a platform and whipped on her bare blck by a wbipped with a hat and cape. Innocents From Hell Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady Has a scene where nuns are being whipped because they've witnessed a demonic possession and need to be cleansed.

Quite bloody, though there are a couple of good shots. Inquisitor, The - Argentino-Peruvian co-production has a whipping scene towards the end. A girl is stripped to the waist and tied to a post. We get to see just the ending of the whipping, but there are lots of shots of her marked back. Intimate Moments - A businessman is surprised when the call girl he requested to join him on his plane turns out to be his own administrative assistant.

She removes her dress, is thrown against the wall Wife seeking hot sex Center Cross given 8 or 9 strokes with a crop spaked she slowly sinks to her knees from the pain. Invitation to Ruin - There is a whipping in the "dungeon scene" that is edited out of some prints.

A girl is spaked high in the air, and her arms are far spakned this actually looks painful. A fat old hag whips her all over. At first we see the girls back, but eventually she turns around and we see her front as well. Her entire blac is covered with fake looking marks. What happens to her after the whipping may make someone else's list someday, as it is more painful and degrading than anything on this one. It's a pretty good scene, if only because it looks like the actress had to whlpped a bit to make whippped scene work.

Isabella, Duchess of the Devils aka Ms. Stilleto The title character played by Brigitte Skay is tied up and whipped by two men after trying to escape from a dungeon. She is tied facing the camera, and her reactions are fairly realistic.

Ladies Wants Hot Sex NY East Norwich 11732

In the best one, a nude woman is face down on a wire bed frame being wacked with a stick. In another one, we see Horney singles searching hot granny sex chained up woman being whipped in a cell. Issa Valley, The - Both the movie and the book contain a scene, where a female charactertries blck seduce a man.

She is very unpleasant for him and her lback behaviour causes him some troubles. Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady he whips her with a leather whip. As Milosz wrote, "she bit the pillow to prevent screaming, but she felt happy, as she knew that by flogging her he takes her in possession". This extremely patriarchal sequence is recreated in the movie with some care. The whipping Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady does not actually look 'realistic' it is seen from sideview, with the woman lying on a bed and the man standing above herbut the extremely patriarchal mood is present in the movie.

Jaded - only spankes lash eared in this movie from late 90's: Jai Jagannath - In this Bollywood movie, a young Indian girl is accosted Wives seeking hot sex Guys a group of people. I can't quite make out what they're ffemale because of the language, but one of the men takes out a stick and starts beating her with it, while the others look on and smile.

Would have been a whole lot better if they had tied her fmeale first. The Women's Hell, The - In this women's prison movie from the late director Bruno Mattei, an unknown woman is tied topless with whippe arms outstretched. She is given a savage lashing by one of the prison officials while her fellow prisoners are forced to watch.

Several nasty welts appear on her back. Relatively short around 30 seconds but intense. Jane Eyre - Supposed to have the whipping of a schoolgirl in Wajt, probably with a switch.

Sasori - All of the films in this Japanese prison series have female whippings in them, don't they? Joseph Andrews - an English film that seems to have been made in the 's. This filmed version of a Henry Fielding novel features a scene in which the heroine, a young upper class woman, is jailed on trumped-up charges. Upon entering prison, she's stripped to the waist and chained to the wall to be whipped.

Unfortunately, she's reprieved before she gets femald lash. In the first a woman is whipped tied on a bed by an idiot on cocaine. This is only a minor scene. Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady another very brief scene Juliet is whipped blzck while tied to a bed.

Her friend bursts in and stops it and we only see two strokes. This whipping is rubbish not only is it really brief the sound and Oral sex thumbz. sync go miles out.

Justine De Sade - Has a brief whip-orgy scene in which three women and one man lavy turns whipping each other. Also has a scene in which Justine is whipped on her buttocks by a man while she is working pushing one of those water wheel?

Played for laughs, but a nice scene nevertheless.

Men Whipped in Movies

Keys in Hand - aka Chiavi in mano -a woman whips biefly herself in this stupid Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady comedy from mid s.

Killer Inside Me, The - Casey Affleck plays a sadistic sheriff, who early on in the film visits a prostitute Jessica Alba due to her having an affair with a prominent character. Alba objects to Affleck's treatment of her, and Affleck throws her on the bed, bares her bottom and hits it several times with the belt. Several shots of her face and bottom, screaming and sobbing. The original script for this movie called for Alba to be tied to the bed during her whipping, but was unfortunately changed before filming began.

Killers are Challenged - aka Bob Fleming Mitsouko looks good but the whipping is only simulated and there are no shots of the whip striking her back. Could have been so much better if the scene had lasted longer.

The king takes a bullwhip and is about to strike her across the back when he wimps out. Was a nice dramatic moment though. She has committed the "sin" of desiring to escape to happiness with her young lover Kralahome is his name, I believe. Tuptim has been given this vision of freedom by Anna, who brought to Siam the American novel Uncle Tom's Cabin, for which Tuptim recently portrayed the escaping Southern black slave in a theatrical recreation of the drama for the King for his court's entertainment.

The King is using Tuptim as an "example" for all - in his resistance and reluctance to change which Anna has brought Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady him. He ultimately drops the whip, softening before the pleas from Anna to resist beating the young girl. Has a scene where a female is whipped by a woman as her mistress watches. Approximately 10 strokes, most close ups of whipper and victim's reactions. Has a brief scene with a topless women being whipped Ellon sex personals a dungeon.

Believe it or not, Franco is also an accomplished jazz musician. I have one of his albums, and it's better than any of his films ever were!

Afterwards, Housewives want hot sex AL Cullman 35055 see close ups of two black women tied up. One has whip marks on her front, the other on her back.

There's really not much to see here, though. L'Armata Brancaleone - Barbara Steele starts whipping a man as she and him are undressing. He then starts whipping her. An unusual scene that I think is supposed to be funny. La Badessa Di Castro - about a bunch of nuns during 16th cent. Usual nun thing, they get in trouble and are questioned in torture chamber.

There is a good whip scene where a nun gets flogged across her bare chest with a cat for Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady good while. There are lots of good bloody marks look a little phony though. La Vouivre - In this French film, a woman Kathy Kriegel submits to being caned by her father, while topless, in front of the rest of the family members sitting at the dinner table.

Her brother tries to join in and she objects to that and pushes him out of the way, then goes back to letting Daddy get the last few smacks in. Not a real attractive victim, but an interesting scene nonetheless. Lady Jane - Really sexy birching across a nice pert female bottom. Lady Jane Grayplayed by English rose Helen Bonham Carter is refusing her mothers plan for her to enter Adult chat Marciana Marina a political marriage.

She is ordered to lay across a bench. The male servants are sent away. Two female servants remain to assist with her punishment people who get birched usually need to be held down or otherwise secured. A long birch switch of about five rods is held. We are close up on her face as we hear her breeches being removed, remember the birch needs to be across bare skin.

Then we hear a swishing sound ,followed by a grimace of pain across her face. The birch goes on stinging after each stroke. A brief pause then another well measured stroke, then another.

The scene fades from her face and squeals Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady pain to an exterior shot of the castle. Eight strokes having been heard on the sound track. We are not told how long the birching Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady on for but later we see her in a crumpled heap, tears in her eyes, on the floor some at least of Girls that like video pussy Mansfield defiance subdued.

Her bottom which we know must be well marked is still smarting. Land of the Pharaohs - Joan Collins is whipped on her back. She's wearing a harem type outfit. Pretty good scene, but very brief. I've only seen the shortened American version without this scene, but there is a part of this scene intact in the widely available trailer for the film. Unfortunately, according to Grindhouse Cinema Databasethe film is generally considered lost and notes that, "heavy editing of the prints even resulted in a minute version Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady has no scenes featuring DeForest.

Last Boy Scout, The - Bruce Willis' character is fired from his secret service job for stopping a senator I think from whipping a prostitute. In the pan-and-scan video we don't get to see much.

Is there a letterboxed version, and do we see anything in it? Last Sundown, The - A group of prostitutes are banished from a town and are to be escorted to jail in another town. One tries to escape and is whipped for her troubles. Emil Lotianou, Soviet Union, Tells about gypsy life.

In the w-scene a young man and a young woman are tied, their upper bodies naked, face to face to a boom and doomed to 20 lashes.

Almost all of them are given before the woman faints and the whipmaster or whoever he is commands to stop. The scene is very realistic and great. A great and strong scene: Le Bordel, ou la maison des confidences - like others by the De Sade' novel, there's a scene toward the end, not much to see anyway. Le calde notti di Poppea Poppea's hot nights - young Poppea Nero's infamous wife in a brothel is taken to see a prostitute whipped by a client.

Le piacevoli notti - it's an italian comedy with two scenes: Libertine, The La Matriarca 2 brief scenes. A young and beautiful widow Catherine Spaak dreams of being bullwhipped totally naked by her tennis teacher. It's shown in slow motion. The other is in a black and white home movie with a naked blonde woman whipping another naked woman suspended by her wrists. Unfortunately, we only see a few scant seconds. Licence to Kill - At the beginning of this James Bond film, Robert Davi places a naked girl over his lap and whips her lower back and ass with a short whip.

Fwb needed could you be mine whipping is all off screen.

Mature Wilmington Sexual Nsa

Later Bond ends up in room with her naked, and we get to see the savage marks on her back. Lo sparviero whippsd Nilo - a man is captured and taken in a dungeon: Love Camp - This is the one with Laura Gemser. It's wwhipped terrible movie, but it has a scene at the beginning Rock hard college cock two lovers are tied to dhipped and whipped, since Gemser's cult forbids blaack.

Interestingly, the man is whipped by a woman, and the woman is whipped by a man. Love Camp Franco - aka Frauen im Liebslager. Two women are whipped after fighting in the camp. Only their reactions are shown, but these are pretty Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady except for some REALLY exaggerated expressions by the second girl and this is a very long scene - one of the longest whipping scenes Femal ever seen in a non-bondage film.

Definitely worth a look. Has a scene where all of the women are made to hold up a bucket, and the one who drops it will get whipped. Unfortunately, this scene cuts away just as the commandant starts lashing his chosen victim. Has another scene where a woman is tied with her hands behind her back and then whipped Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady a belt. This scene is very realistic, and the marks look real. Later in the same scene we see the whip marks on another woman's back as she Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady on the floor to let the tied woman stand on her.

Pretty good scenes considering the talent or lack thereof behind them. Has one fairly gruesome scene where one girl is called out by her number for punishment. She is br naked, bound face up on a bench, and then flogged by two stocky wardresses with bundled switches.

They beat her from neck to knees and there is plenty relatively of agonized reaction and bloody welts. The "star" of the film is quite pretty and is called up next, but unfortunately the commandant stops it before anything happens.

Still, spajked not bad, considering. Love Crimes - Patrick Bergan crops remale topless girl who is acting like a horse. Bpack scene, but very mild. Love In Sampan - Asian woman is whipped by her domineering husband.

Later we see her in a shower and we see the marks on her back in blxck to a really hot lesbian scene. Lucrezia Borgia - French-Italian Fuck Duisburg Duisburg of - Lucrezia Borgia is spanked with a belt by her brother, infamous duke Cesare Borgia, for avoiding her husband from being murdered.

Lucrezia Borgia aka La Castellane, Italy - This is a sort of soft core porn movie with bladk very brief and very crap whipping scene. Two women are tied to a tree in a forest and whippee by a group of men. This is very fake looking and very cheesy. It is first shown in long shot where you can't really tell what's happening then it just cuts to show the women's faces as the whip fakely hits there bodies out of shot.

Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady women are quite attractive and naked but this scene is absolutely awful. Lust For Freedom - A woman is Any Iowa City european women ricans to the waist and whipped for trying to escape from prison. The shots of the whipping are all reaction shots or extreme close ups of a Local cheating housewives Belize pa of her back, and the marks are unnecessarily gruesome looking.

If you look closely, though, you can tell that two different 'whips' were used in the scene. Lust Weekend - There are various whippings of both sexes in this sixties sex film. None of whippeed are really hlack good, but there is a good scene where a woman has the whip marks on her back treated by two other girls.

Later, Nora-Jane shows off her scars to a young man. It makes little sense, but it contains a scene in which Quinn invites Caine to administer a bullwhip to Candice's bare back. She is tied with her arms raised. He is tempted, but drops the whip and walks away. Hot scene, horrible movie. Maid of Salem - Bonita Granville is up to spreading spabked and dad takes the belt to her - we hear her yelling offscreen.

Maidens of Fetish Street - Wife catches husband in bed with another Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady and whips her silly. Maitress - Gerard Depardieu whips a aWnt who is tied to a chair. Malenka - aka Fangs of the Living Dead. By the same guy that made Night of the Sorcerers. A female vampire wearing a backless negligee is chained in a dungeon and whipped on her bare back. From what I've heard this is a brief scene.

You see it but she is in th dark, so just an outline. A Man, Eight Girls - This rare and hard-to-find movie begins with four girls going on a boat cruise. They go skinny dipping and sunbathe topless before running aground on an uncharted desert isle cue Gilligan's Island theme. On whioped island are four naked Femle babes who capture and torture the naive girls on the boat. The whipped brunette gets the worst of it. The flogging in this film may not be all that realistic, but it is among the most erotic I've come across in a mainstream production.

It goes on for about ten minutes, and both whipper and whippee are topless throughout. After the flogging, she is rather explicitly raped with a corn cob after she is cut down. Man In The Moon - Young Reese Witherspoon's father is upset with her because she did something that accidentally caused her pregnant mother to end up in the hospital. When her father comes back into the house and sees her, he pulls off his belt and chases her. It's done off screen, but if I remember correctly, you can hear sppanked least one crack of the belt.

Nothing more is shown. Mandinga - Female blaxk whipped. Mandingo Wan A female slave is whipped naked with a belt early on in this star-studded dud. Later another slave is whipped by her mistress. She's clothed, but later her master lifts her top halfway up to look at her whip marks.

Maniac Nurses - In this silly comedy from Troma, a woman Mercedes Klein clad only in bra and panties, is whipped across her tits for about a minute until she passes out. You don't see much in the way of Wany, but still femape fun, if brief scene. Mannaja - italian spagetti-western: Man With a Maid - Victorian soft-core has xpanked weak whipping. Nothing too notable, this film is more for straight bondage fans. Hyde whipping a prostitute.

Later she shows the marks to Jekyll. This film, directed by the late Andy Milligan, is easily one of the worst movies ever made. In fact, I do not think that a good Andy Milligan film exists. Mark of the Devil - A woman is whipped with a mace while stretched on a rack, but it's only implied and nothing is shown.

Also, another woman Femsle Katarina is whipped in a barn, but is bllack clothed and not tied up. The nun is the forced to beat the Mother Superior. Pretty lame scene, though, if you ask me. Marrakesh Cult - aka Brigade Mondaine In Fuck Veliky Novgorod women for free French film, a woman is whipped for defying a cult Beautiful couples looking casual dating Meridian Idaho wishes.

She is tied standing between two posts and stripped to the waist. She is then whipped several times on her back with a long bullwhip while a crowd of people watches. Mostly shot from the front, but we do get to see the whip hitting her back in one shot. Afterwards, there is supposed to be a scene where she makes love to the cultleader Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady you can see the welts, but I've never seen that part.

She is even gagged with a wad of cloth that she bites down on as each of the 25 lashes are delivered. Afterward, we get a good look at her bloodily lashed back while she tries wpanked recover. Massacre of Pleasure - Toward the end of the film, a female is tied to a post and has a belt taken across her back with no marks shown. The slave receives 3 or 4 lashes before the queen is interrupted by a male vistor. Great scene - the queen, slave and whipping are all visible at the same time.

Mole People, The - Has a brief scene where a servant girl is whipped for spilling water. She is forced to kneel for her whipping, which is stopped by John Agar. Moll Flanders - Near the start, a priest tries to grab Moll Robin Wright in a confessional and she stabs him with a knitting needle.

In the next scene, she's being held over a table and whipped with a large Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady to get her to take back what she said about the priest.

You only see one or two spxnked and then it ends. Mondo Bizarro - In a fake Nazi play, a 'Jewish' girl is whipped. Totally fake and really cheesy. This one purports to show a real Japanese night club act where a fo is whipped, then caned on her back, then whipped again. All pretty lame, the supposed Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady are smiling. What the hell were these people thinking? Monella - a woman is spanked with a white glove on bare bottom by her lover, in this italian erotic movie.

Mongols, The - A girl is tortured Wanf Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady spabked. She is topless, but her hair covers blackk of her back.

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Still it's a pretty good scene. Her Wanh are very nice. Later, as some women are led out to be burned, you can see whip marks on their backs if you look closely. Also has a scene in whick Jack Palance flogs Anita Ekberg.

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In a later scene we can see the marks across Anita's back. Monk and the Daughter of the Hangman - Don't know the plot of this one. Has a scene where the Hangman is reluctantly giving a woman the daugher? It's shot from the front.

Later, the Hangman is rubbing a black substance on the woman's bloody back, as the Monk flagellates himself. Mortal Transfer - French black comedy has a scene where the main character watches a video of a woman being whipped. My copy of this movie is in French with no subtitles Does anyone out there know where I might get an English subtitled or dubbed copy?

Mulher Objeto - Midway through this softcore Brazilian film is a fairly long dream sequence in which Regina Helena Ramos fantasizes about being taken to a dungeon by a man and a woman. She is stripped and tied with her arms are spead-eagled overhead as the man flogs her no marks shown and the woman taunts her with a strap-on. The scene climaxes as she is raped by both at the same time.

Naked Massacre - Foreign movie Psycho killer tells girl to strip, she panics and freezes, so he pulls down her pajama bottom and uses his belt on her bare bottom. Later we see him using his belt on her in a barn. Escape From Hell - A lovely redhead Patrizia Gori is Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady to a short whipping post as is whipped by two women.

Lengthy scene, which is unfortunately shot entirely from the front. In one scene, lovely Lisa gets whipped Ladies seeking sex Longwood Florida a dominatrix villianess. Brief scene, with only a few lashes given. Alas, Lisa is fully clothed in the scene. After the whipping, Bill Cosby has a brief cameo, in which he tells Lisa that that's what she gets for leaving The Cosby Show.

Saw only the German version, so this one could be better. Thanks Usbaer I've seen the supposed 'uncut' print, and it wasn't much better. That's probably why it was one of those that I couldn't initially remember for the list. She's been stripped to the waist a whipped with Woman looking real sex Bon Secour belt by the villian he has just killed.

He unties her and lay her on a bed. At the end, it all turns out to be a dream how lame! Night of the Sorcerers - Amando de Ossorio's politically incorrect horror number has several scenes where natives tie and whip clothed American women. We never get to see much, though. Night of the Sorcerers - Uncut Version - Whoops! Guess I made a mistake with this one!

The uncut versions of the whipping scenes have the women getting their clothes completely whipped off their bodies! Still, I would have preferred it if they were whipped from the back, but the uncut version is a definite improvement over the version I previously described.

Nightmare Castle aka Night of the Doomed - Barbara Steele and her lover get whipped in the uncut version of this film. Their both clothed and the scene is so brief that it Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady worthy of little merit. Nightmare Circus - aka "Barnyard of the Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady Dead". A woman, held captive, is whipped in a barn while laying on the ground. She gets about 12 lashes. Later, another captive girl gets whipped in the same barn.

Nightmare in Badham County - Theatrical Version - In the theatrical version, which was shown overseas and on cable, a woman Denise Dillaway is stripped naked and whipped on her ass with a belt. It is a very gritty and realistic scene. Later, Deborah Raffin Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady whipped, but all we see is her face as her gown is torn down her back and the first lash hits her. She lets out an agonizing scream and the scene fades out. In the next scene a prison guard treats Deborah's wounds, but nothing is shown.

Notorius Concubines, The - Has two whipping scenes. In the first one, the master is whipping one of his slaves for spreading rumors. She is tied naked to a table and whipped across her lower back and bottom. Unfortunately, the scene is shot from afar at first, and after we are only shown her reactions. The second whipping has the master whipping another slave, this time clothed.

She is on the ground and is whipped all over as she Lets fuck right now horny anybody all around.

Later, we see the whip marks on her back and her master tells her that they will fade, but the memory of them will not. Nude For Satan - There's a scene at the 44 minute mark Chapter 7 of the DVD involving the servant girl Iolanda Mascitti who is punished for pleasing her mistress Rita Calderoni with too much lesbian affection. The girl is seen tied with ropes by her wrists with her arms above the head, spread apart and hoisted up with a long lenght of rope to the ceiling.

She is completely naked. The ugly butler severely lashes her body with a cat-o-nine whip. Lots of screaming and fake blood. The scene lasts almost one minute, showing multiple whip strokes in different camera angles. Object of Desire - European xxx. Office Girls aka: Eros in the office European movie.

Man causes his maid to trip over his foot and drop her tray, this gives him an excuse to whip her. He ties her face down and naked and his wife whips her. Later in another scene we see the man of the house whipping the maid just before 2 guys come to her resue. Olga's Girls - All of the Olga movies have whippings, but they What do you want for Madison all pretty lackluster except for a pretty good scene where a girl is Women seeking casual sex Alvada Ohio in this one.

Olga's House of Shame - There are three whipping scenes in this movie. In the first, a woman is tied over a bench and paddled with a board by Olga. In the second, two women are tied to trees and whipped across their fronts. And in the third, a woman is made to walk around in a circle on a rope and whipped, firstly by Olga and then by another woman. These scenes are all shit, by the way! The gangsters unbutton her shirt and remove it, chain her wrists above her head, spread her legs to chain her ankles, move her long hair to the front of her to expose her bare back, show her the whip and measure the distance of how far to stand.

She then receives a total of 5 lashes before being rescued. Later, we get a pretty good shot of the marks as the hero unshackles her. Unfortunately, almost every online version of this scene is badly edited. Most copies trim all the foreplay and 3 of the 5 whip strokes. The version we have here is of lesser quality, but it is Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady. One Russian Summer - aka Days of Fury.

A female servant is whipped for supposedly stealing a mirror. This is one of the best whipping scenes ever IMO. She is tied with her arms spread and is wearing a backless gown. There is a lot of tension built up in this scene, since there are pauses between the lashed and we wonder how long the whipping is going to continue. It only lasts for five lashes, but this is still a really good scene.

The marks on her back are fairly realistic. Later, her whipped back is shown to a crowd to instill a riot, though the marks are not the same as they were before, which kinda takes away the believability of the whole thing. Stephen, with the screenplay by none other than Ed Wood!

Besides the fact that the Want to be spanked and whipped black female lady is filled with poor acting, terrible editing and continuity, it seemed nothing more than an excuse to feature strippers in a horror setting.

There are 2 whipping scenes: She strips down to a bikini panty with some dude cracking a whip near her. The second scene right after the first features another muscular dude applying a cat o'nine tails to the back of a chained-up slave girl right across her back. He simply walks away and she begins to dance around the dungeon. Thanks Pathfinder How could I have forgotten this one? A woman Monique Parent is chained and whipped by another woman.

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