Topic: Jesus’ Birth: destruction of works of the Devil. 1John 3:8-9
I salute you all in Jesus’ name and thank God for giving us yet another opportunity of celebrating the birth of the Saviour of the world.
I welcome and congratulate all of you God’ people in your respective capacities for reaching this day and coming to worship with us.
Today world-over, we remember and celebrate the birth of the Saviour of the world. It is indeed a day of celebrations as told by the Angels to the Shepherds in Luke 2:10f. So, it is fitting for us to celebrate because He was born for all People: young or old, male or female, rich or poor, small or big, short or tall, black or white, princes or commoners, intellectuals or idiots, with good or bad health. He came for all people. Like I also say: if people can celebrate their birthdays, it is fitting for us all to celebrate the Savior’ birth.
St. Paul in Romans 8:1, 3 says: There is no condemnation now for those who live in union with Jesus Christ.
In Mat. 2:1-10 we read of the wise men who came from the East after hearing of the birth of the Saviour of the world and they came with presents to see and worship the child Jesus. If they worshiped Him as a child then before doing all He did to save us, we have more reasons to worship Him today and give Him and His church worth presents to support His cause and expand his kingdom. We also need to give essential commodities to the poor, orphans, elderly, disabled, widows, etc. let us help someone this Christmas other than exchanging expensive Christmas cards among ourselves.
– The only challenge that we have today is how people prepare for and celebrate this day. They think of  eating a lot of food and all sorts of beverages, putting on new clothes, going to entertainment functions, dancing and having all fun and indulging in all forms of sinful practices. People overcharge, over speed, overload, and steal to make a lot of money on Christmas. The day has been commercialized.
Christmas season should not be a time of mere merry-making, it should be a day of gratitude to our Heavenly Father for sending His Son to save us from eternal condemnation.
In Romans 14:17, St Paul reminds us that: ” For God’ Kingdom is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and Joy which the Holy Spirit gives. In celebrating, let us appreciate the fact that Jesus Christ was born to save us from the bondage of sin and liberate us from all forms of oppression from the devil and give us lasting peace and joy in our lives.

Why was Jesus Born?
  In 1John 3:8-9 “…The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’ work. No one who is born of God will continue to sin, because God’ seed remains in him; he cannot go on sinning because he has been born of God.”

Let us renounce all unrighteousness (selfishness, greed, theft, lack of concern for the poor, and suffering, sexual immorality, drug abuse, etc) during this festive season.
I wish you all Holy Xmas celebrations, safe lives as we draw to the end of 2015 and I pray that God will land us all safely in 2016.

The Lord be with you.
+ Reuben B. Kisembo – Dean – St. John’ Cathedral

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