Diocesan Jubilee Complex

On the 10th - 14th August 2011 the Diocese of Ruwenzori celebrated its Golden jubilee. Reflection was made on the achievements, challenges and the tasks lying ahead of us as a Diocese.

We realized that as a church, God blessed us with abundant resources which we must develop and add value to, for purposes of generating income for the Diocese, we decided to develop our piece of land situated between Kabarole Primary School, Kyebambe Model Primary School and Kabarole Hospital. The buildings once completed will benefit our Diocese economically and improve the social services of our community.

They include:
  • Guest house with self contained executive rooms
  • Amphitheatre with a seating capacity of 2000-3000 people
  • Commercial Block with Rental offices, supermarket, banking and warehouse.
  1. To generate income for the Diocese and enable it fulfill its mission and ministry.
  2. To provide decent accommodation facilities in a guest wing with a capacity of 50-100 people.
  3. To provide hospitality services in a decent restaurant/ canteen.
  4. To provide conducive space for meetings and conferences
  5. To provide a platform suitable for drama/music shows, assemblies, rallies and prayers, wedding functions, etc.
  6. To provide rental space for shops, offices, office, storage, etc.
  7. To provide vehicle parking space
It should be noted that this is a people’s project. It is meant to serve the public and cause a change in our life-style to suit the modern way without undermining our Christian values. We shall use the latest approach to meet needs of the following beneficiaries:


The project once completed will reduce over-dependence on the Christians for church income.

General public

The general public will benefit by accessing the facility for social functions like parties, receptions, conferences, meetings, and leisure among their related functions at affordable rates.

Tourists and travelers

Decent accommodation and excellent services will be provided for this category of people along side our other guests local and foreign.

Sports and game lovers

Our target will be live entertainment shows with stage performance by local and visiting actors and music artists. Since this will be in the middle of the town, game lovers will not be required to travel long distances.
Investing in the golden jubilee project has many benefits. It is in essence an investment in the future:

Create a beauty impression on the town.

The building will increase on the beauty and impression of the town as it grows into a city.

Reduce on scarcity of recreational places.

Children, adults, companies and government, etc, will have access to a recreational place in an easy to reach location that is big enough for all kinds of functions.

Creation of job opportunities.

Many people will be employed as workers in the golden jubilee multipurpose centre as managers, attendants, waiters and waitresses, cleaners, and cooks among others, hence reducing on the unemployment burden facing our community today.

Reducing on demand for housing.

Of late, many NGOs companies and banks have flocked Fort Portal town in search for space to rent. On finding none, they are forced to relocate to other places in the region hence causing loss of services and income to our area. Having houses as planned under this arrangement will reduce on such demand.

Hosting big events.

A golden jubilee multipurpose centre with a seating capacity of 2000- 3000 people, big events like drama or music shows, assemblies, conferences will be hosted in our town hence earning income for the local people whose hotels and lodges will be visited.

Total estimate cost of the project is: UGX 10,000,000,000

Please send your support to: The Diocesan treasurer, Diocese of Ruwenzori, P. O. Box 37 Fort Portal, Uganda Tel: +256-(0)-782 389525, Email: dioruwenzori@yahoo.com
Bank Account name: Church of Uganda Ruwenzori Diocese Golden Jubilee Project.
Account Number: 6003372772 – Barclays Bank – Fort Portal Branch, Uganda.
MTN Mobile Money Account:+256-(0)-779038850