Easter Message 31st March 2013

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November 7, 2015
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November 7, 2015

Easter Message 31st March 2013


easterTOPIC: “New Life Through Jesus Christ.” Col. 3:1-15

Halleluiah Christ is risen: He is risen indeed.

We congratulate all our Political, Religious leaders, Kingdom officials, civil servants, security personnel, business people, the media fraternity and all God’s people in your respective capacities you upon reaching this glorious day as we celebrate and commemorate the victorious resurrection of our Lord and Saviour- Jesus Christ.

Facts/Lessons from Jesus’ Resurrection:

  • It was a fulfillment of OT-prophesy- Ps. 16:10.
  • It was a fulfillment of Jesus’ own prophesy, Luke 9:22
  • Jesus indeed resurrected, the soldiers were there to guard His tomb, nobody would have stolen His body.
  • The disciples were traumatized, disappointed and hiding; they therefore could not come to steal His body.
  • The writing of the New Testament Canon is evidence of Christ’ resurrection.
  • Worshipping on Sunday other than Saturday is another proof of Jesus’ resurrection. Acts 16:2
  • The expansion of the Church and evangelism is another proof of Jesus’ resurrection – after the resurrection, the disciples were inspired, confident and bold to preach the good news.
  • Resurrection of Christ makes Christianity unique.
  • No other religious leader/founder ever resurrected.
  • Jesus’ Resurrection is a fore-taste of our own resurrection. 1Cor.15:20.
  • Jesus’ resurrection is the disarmament of all satanic, devilish, sinful and all powers of demons. It is a victory He won for all believers. Col 2:15.
  • Jesus’ resurrection is a defeat of the greatest enemy of humanity.
  • Jesus was crucified as the king of the Jews, but He resurrected as the King of kings.
  • Jesus’ resurrection signifies a state from misery to happiness, death to life, hopelessness to hope.
  • When we accept Jesus He raises us from spiritual/moral death and we begin to live uprightly.

St. Paul in the above text informed the Colossians that when somebody believes in Jesus Christ, that person should crucify all sinful indulgences and practices from their life. They should put off the old self which is devilish and wicked and put on a new nature which is godly / Christ-like.

As we celebrate this Easter, May the Lord help us to die with Christ from all our sinful indulgences and practices. May we resurrect to new life by becoming better: Children, Parents, neighbors, employers, employees and better citizens which will ultimately qualify us to inherit everlasting life which Jesus came to restore for all humanity when he said on the cross at Calvary that: “It is Finished”

May the good Lord be with you and grant you peaceful and meaningful Easter celebrations


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