Diocesan Children Ministry

Though Children Ministry has been in existence in the Diocese for many years. Children’s desk was put in place as an initiative of the Late Bishop Kyaligonza in 2009 and it started functioning in the 2010 with I, being the first Diocesan Children Ministry Coordinator. This office is a fully fledged unit under Education Department in the Diocese mandated to grow and develop Sunday school Churches through;

1. Enhancing Christian teaching to Children
2. Children Church planting and training of Sunday school teachers.
3. Promotion of chaplaincy functions in all Diocesan Institutions pre-primary and Secondary.
4. Proposing and advocating for responsive Diocesan Children’s policies, offering counseling and guidance to Children and Christian families on parenting.
5. Soliciting financial/material assistance for the needy children and organizing and constructing Christian related children’s events like celebrate Jesus, Anti Child sacrifice/abuse campaigns, music Dance and Dram rallies and competitions.

All these are aimed at nurturing of children into good Christian living. Special appreciation goes to our newly consecrated Bishop Rt. Rev. Reuben Kisembo Amooti for coming with an open heart and ready to be a voice for children. We also thank Compassion International, Uganda and UNICEF for the total support to needy and venerable children.

As God’s plan is a child in a loving secure and caring family/church, I therefore appeal to the Church community to protect, nurture and stand so as to have a normal emotional, spiritual, physical and psychologically developed child.

By: Rev. Margret Tinkamanyire