The role of the Church in the provision of education in the Diocese

The Education department has a cause to smile at this Golden Jubilee celebrations which is an epitome of many past events that have taken place specifically in the area of Education. Education has partly been the life blood of this Diocese and the level we are on is partly explained by the Education levels we have gone through and attained.

The fifty (50) years have enabled Education to make a leap forward in this Diocese and he present noticeable improvement in terms of number and grade of Education institutions as well as the number of people who have attained education is tressed as far back as 1900 when formal education was introduced in Toro region.

The department is happy to associate itself with the Golden Jubilee because it is during this period that we have seen the role of the church fulfilled to the satisfaction of the stakeholders and those who have gone through our schools and institutions of learning. Probably this is the reason why the Editorial Committee thought it necessary to give us space to contribute in this magazine.

The role of the church in the provision of Education in this Diocese cannot be over emphasized. It is not only the Christians who have acknowledged this role but also the government of Uganda and specifically the Ministry of Education. The Education Act 2008 has specifically and categorically recognized the role of the foundation body by giving them the largest number of members on school management committees and Board of Governors. Needless to say that most foundation bodies are church based.

Work in Church founded schools

The church has done a lot in the schools it founded and is still doing a lot at the present time and shall continue to play this role in its schools which are regarded as church projects. The Diocese of Ruwenzori started many old schools such as Kyebambe Girls’ Secondary School for the girl child,Nyakasura School, Maddox s.s.s, Kibiito, Izahura Secondary School now called Semuliki High School, Canon Apollo College for training teachers, Galihuma Primary School, Humura, Kibiito, Kamuhigi, Kabarole, Mukole, Kahinju Primary schools which have stood the test of time and have continued to absorb large numbers of students and pupils inRuwenzori region. Many other schools both primary and secondary were founded. At present over 400 schools are widely locked in many parts of this Diocese.

So during the fifty (50) years are being celebrated, the church has played its anticipated role and to this, we are grateful to God and shall continue to be grateful in many years to come.

The enrolment in our schools is steadly increasing and the teaching and learning process has gone high and illiteracy levels increased with appropriate skills acquired. The role of the church in Education of its people especially those who have passed in our schools is evidenced in the moral upbringing of the students and pupils who go through our schools.

As a church this is our main concern. We want to bring up morally upright students and pupils or Christians who are morally stable in societies and communities. This role has been on going and in the last 40 – 50 years been articulated. This has gone along with counseling and guidance of our students and the teachers who teach in our schools.

Mr. Charles Magezi