Mothers’ Union - A nurturing union

Mothers’ Union has been spearheading family life in Ruwenzori Diocese since 1960 when the Diocese started. The aim of mothers’ union is the advancement of the Christian religion in the sphere of marriage and family life.

In order to carry this out there are five objectives:

1. To uphold Christ’s teaching on the nature of marriage and to promote its wider understanding.
2. To encourage parents to bring up their children in the faith and life of the church
3. To maintain a worldwide fellowship of Christians united in prayer, worship and service
4. To promote conditions in society favorable to stable family life and protection of children.
5. To help those whose family life has met with adversity.

In order to achieve these objectives the following activities have been going on in the Diocese:

• We have held conferences for women regardless their status but emphasis mainly put on their spiritual growth.
• We have sensitized women and men on family issues in order to have stable families
• We have held seminars on different topics which can bring development in families.
• We have counseled young couples who are ready to wed
• We encourage parents to bring up their children in a Christian way from early age by attending Sunday school, bible study, etc.
• We give skills in tailoring, banking, handcraft etc. to women and young girls who are not able to continue with their studies.
• We counsel and help couples who are co-habiting in order to wed in church officially and also counseling broken families.
• We sensitize women to be role models in their families as well as those who are not married
• We visit the sick and families in problems and give them spiritual support.
• We advise the youth to abstain from early sex, extra marital sex, immorality etc in prevention of sexually transmitted diseases especially HIV/AIDS.
• We encourage women to be involved in income generating activities and government programs e.g. NAADS
• Christians bring items like clothes, shoes, dry food to give out to the needy children (faith in action)

The impact of Mothers’ Union in the Diocese of Ruwenzori since it started

• Young people and couples co-habiting have been wedded in church
• Divorce among couples has significantly reduced.
• The extent of parents bringing up children in a Christian way is shown by many youth participating in church activities.
• Child neglect has reduced.
• Diseases brought about unhygienic environment has reduced.
• Domestic violence among Christian families has reduced
• House hold income in many families has improved

Planed activities

• To continue sustaining our women in different areas, this may hinder them in development.
• To build a female student’s hotel at Saka near mountains of the moon university


• We lack adequate finances to fulfill our activities.
• Women not enthusiastic to join Mothers’ Union groups.