The pension Scheme of the Diocese of Ruwenzori is a scheme that was established and enacted in May 2004 by the Diocesan Synod that was convened on 14th May ; 2004. This was in accordance with article 24(4) of the constitution of the Diocese of Ruwenzori which stipulates that that there shall be retirement benefits for every entitled worker.

The objectives of the scheme are:

1. To provide retirement benefits for the clergy
2. To create church pension security fund
3. To endeavor to update the services in the church to comparative levels of the public service in caring and maintaining the retired servants of God.

Quality members of the pension scheme are the clergy, Lay readers and Catechists/ qualified church teachers.

The scheme is majorly funded by; 10% of all Diocesan churches’ collections on Easter and Christmas, all church collection on one gazetted Sunday, i.e. last Sunday of September plus annual subscription by scheme members.

The pension scheme is providing retirement benefits to retired scheme members, widows’ widowers of the deceased church workers and other qualifying beneficiaries.

The pension scheme has invested in other income generating projects like tree planting projects, credit fund and housing project.

The future prospects for the pension scheme are establishing more projects to increase the pension fund and subsequently increase the pension benefits to the members. Pension schemes; “Caring for and maintaining the retried servants of God”

Kobugabe Jane, Pension administrator - Ruwenzori Diocese