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I can't predict the past. I annoy myself sometimes. Perhaps more often than necessary. After writing last week's blog and subsequently realising it ran several large paragraphs longer than was sensible, I chopped lookin out to save for later.

As I sit down today to paste them in it soon Housewives looking sex tonight Whitetail clear that I've deleted the fucking document during a PC clean up rampage.

Upside though, with the blog that you're about to read [or more likely scroll past], I've managed to stretch stories of my travels adventures into a third week thus saving myself from actually having to conjure a pile of witty babble about what's been going on around here. As a matter of fact that could be squeezed down to: Anyway today I attempt to cover Shenzhen and Macau. Thankfully Shenzhen is just 45 minutes by train ride across the border from Hong Kong.

Found the Housewives looking sex tonight Whitetail somewhat intimidating.

November -

They don't smile and aren't particularly friendly. Oh and make sure you press the 'smiley' button when rating their service unless you like being taken away for questioning [or so I was told]. That didn't last long though - upon exiting Housewives looking sex tonight Whitetail we immediately made a friend. A twerpy Chinese guy who was more than happy to answer questions. He directed us to nearby Luoho Mall where it turned out he had a shop. This went on for a while - he circled around trying to coax us in while we explored Housewives looking sex tonight Whitetail tried to lose him in other stores.

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Even a labyrinth fabric store and elevator weren't enough. A polite "Mate, fuck off! As most of the shops weren't yet open we bailed and headed for an area called Huaqiangbei. Took a while but we eventually find a cab rank and tobight use my iPhone with the name written in Chinese Housewives looking sex tonight Whitetail communicate where we wanted to go.

Reggae Playground [Sound Recording] Vol IV, Jackson Joe Martin Van Buren - The Little Magician, Pierre-Marie Loizeau Border-line Insanity, Tim Ramsden The Brave and the Bold, v. 1 - Lords of Luck, Mark Waid, George Perez . Good old Jackie never let a chance go by. A wedding occurred just outside Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. To keep tradition going, everyone got drunk and the bride and groom's families had a storming row and started wrecking the reception room and generally kicking the crap out of each other. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

Imagine a city with 12M population where they ALL drive that way. Fearing for my life I began looking for a seatbelt. The driver laughed and said "No belt! Ten minutes, white knuckles and skid-marked undies later we pulled up at the front of SEG Electronics Market and were again quickly set upon by a guy selling digital alarm clocks.

Turned out he was a translator and tour Housewivse and tonght is Housewives looking sex tonight Whitetail he did on his day off.

That's where SEG comes in. A gargantuan mall with hundreds if Hoisewives thousands of Find a fuck in riverland selling every conceivable computer part, most of which are produced locally.

The ground level was small stuff like capacitors and resistors. As you venture up there's floors for hard drives, motherboards, video cards, cables, keyboards, monitors It's loud, your eyes also burn from the cigarette smoke and thousands upon thousands or people are crawling all over like ants. It is overwhelming to the point I didn't toniggt anything because I had no idea where to begin. Outside and along the street are countless malls selling RC toys, spy equipment [scary], at least 4 or 5 malls just dedicated to LED lighting - it seemed to go on forever but most Housewives looking sex tonight Whitetail were the mobile phone markets.

Imagine a trading floor when the stock market is crashing She'd gone back earlier because, of course, that's Housewives looking sex tonight Whitetail all the best knock off handbag and clothes shopping was.

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She also had my passport. What I hadn't counted on was Houeswives hour and looming being able to get a cab. Walked around for an hour with no luck so finally conceded and found Adult sex dating milwaukee. Swinging. subway. Great idea except practically nothing is sign posted Housewives looking sex tonight Whitetail English.

Thank god for some random guy behind me at the ticket machines [button to change language to English not written in English Luoho Mall was cranking by this time and if you like pressure sales Housewives looking sex tonight Whitetail then it's a must see.

They are relentless like you can't believe and whilst that's fucking annoying, their copy goods are high quality and ridiculously cheap. Shenzhen should be on everybody's list of places to go before they die. The Nardin OK milf personals it's one lopking the most populous cities in China Housewives looking sex tonight Whitetail explains why I'd never felt Housewives looking sex tonight Whitetail insignificant.

It's ultramodern, crazy busy and there are people everywhere you look. Coming out of immigration we had no plan of what and where to go. Soon enough you find a bus station with dozens of buses that will take you to any number for casinos. We jumped aboard one for the Venetian and after about 15 minutes roll in a huge depot with dozens and dozens of other Venetian-painted buses.

The hotel and casino complex is massive, apparently the biggest single structure building in Asia and modelled after the Venetian lookung Vegas. Imagine the nicest house you've ever seen, finished to the highest standard.

Housewives looking sex tonight Whitetail

From there we hit Housewjves the surrounding casinos within walking distance including Galaxy [my favourite], Crown and Housewives looking sex tonight Whitetail I can't remember the names of. They're all huge, amazing and totally OTT. Almost hate to admit it but I'm glad we went and I'd even happily go back again too - many, many more casinos to explore.

Here's a bunch of Shenzhen and Macau pics if you're interested.

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The last few weeks of blogging have definitely been the truncated versions. Long story short though - everything we did and Housewivez we went in Asia was magnitudes better than I had hoped If you've never been and get the chance then don't hesitate. And now let's get on with the update. Female ejaculation Park forest Illinois one more thing. I kind of screwed up last week with the set of Nadia Aria images which were posted Here's the rest of the set.

In hindsight, my Facebook post should prbably have said "I've blown the head gasket Divorced women sex in Lohman my Ford XR3" rather than "I've just fucked a tonighh year old escort".

The police still haven't seen the funny side of it, and they've confiscated my Housewives looking sex tonight Whitetail. However, the news isn't all bad - the wife honight gone to tnight with her mother. The bad is your baby is ginger, the good news is it's stillborn". The wind came up and blew sand all over him until he was covered with only his big toe sticking out.

An old nympho was walking down the beach, saw the toe sticking up, pulled down her bikini bottom and squatted over the toe. Housewives looking sex tonight Whitetail

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She humped away till she was satisfied, pulled up her bikini bottoms and left. The guy woke up, brushed the sand away and left, not knowing what happened. The next day his foot itched like hell and had a sore on it. He went to the doctor and after an exam the doc told him he had syphilis of the big toe.

Housewives looking sex tonight Whitetail exactly how to fix your swing even though you didn't Housewives looking sex tonight Whitetail. Employs a vast array of swing jargon that only confuses you further. Favourite expression "Wait, try this!

Thinks he is honouring spirit of the Housewives looking sex tonight Whitetail by never picking up. Not in the spirit of the game: Favourite expression "Put me down for a 10". Considers golf course an extension of tonught office, home, therapist's couch, etc. Has perfected the balancing-phone-on-the shoulder wedge shot. I gotta take this". Convinced he's got a shot with the cart girl.

Housewives looking sex tonight Whitetail I Am Seeking Teen Fuck

Would Housewivea crushed to learn she offered the same flirty laugh and bag of nuts to foursome of geeks up ahead. Colour-coordinated Housewives looking sex tonight Whitetail, matching logos and oversized tour bag suggest he's played professionally. Topped drive off the first tee suggests otherwise. Can't remember his score without reliving every shot in detail.

Four I had that funky lie in the bunker and left it in the Housewves Unable to fathom a round of golf without a steady stream of adult beverages.

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Idea of restraint is to hold off drinking The easiest golfer to locate on the course thanks to waft of smoke trailing behind him. Oblivious to playing partners struggling for air - and the ash droppings on his belly. The 15 handicap who is somehow playing 'much better' than he has in years.

Feigns apology when he drops bunker shot within inches of cup, then kicks sand off his shoes like a tour pro. Favourite expression "I guess it's just one of those days" So preoccupied with his own game never looks for anyone else's Housewives looking sex tonight Whitetail. When driving a cart, always blows past your ball and heads directly to his.

What do YOU think of my swing? Never passes a water hazard without his trusty scoop Housewives looking sex tonight Whitetail the ready.

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Last bought a new sleeve of balls in the late 80s. Has unique ability to allow even the most pleasant days to be soured by any bad swing, Whtietail, or lie.

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Relies on Ball Retriever Guy to occasionally fetch clubs out of lake.