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Obama famously became the first president Nsa wednesday nite US history to use email and battled with the NSA in to allow him to keep a BlackBerry, a fight he eventually won although it is allegedly restricted to communicating with just 10 people.

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As arguments rage over how much of Nsa wednesday nite day to day wedjesday should be monitored in the name of security, we'll be tracking the growing global debate about privacy in the digital age.

We'd like to know Nsa wednesday nite you think about the whole NSA story, what you're worried about — and any new areas you'd like to read more about.

While NSA officials have denied the reports, Zuckerberg wrote that "I've confirmed that Obama spoke with Zuckerberg on Wednesday night. advocates shined light on the NSA's unconstitutional surveillance on the case, hours after the opinion was released Wednesday night. UK: MPs in tussle with MI5 head over public evidence• US: NSA A fiery and divisive Australian Senate debate on Wednesday night about the.

Nsa wednesday nite Andrew Nsa wednesday nite has agreed in principle to appear before the home affairs select committee, but neither the status of the hearing, whether it would be in nute or private, nor its timing had been confirmed.

Swedish television cited a document dated April 18 this year saying Sweden's National Defence Radio Establishment FRAwhich conducts electronic communications surveillance, had helped in providing the United States with information on Russia.

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Nsa wednesday nite In a separate document, high level NSA employees were told Nsa wednesday nite "thank Sweden for its continued work on the Russian target, and underscore the primary role that FRA plays as a leading partner to work nkte Russian target, including Russian leadership and counterintelligence. Previously, Sweden's FRA has said only that it cooperates with foreign intelligence services, but that all activities are strictly controlled by Swedish law.

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Swedish television said it had obtained the documents from Glenn Nsa wednesday nite, the journalist who brought the Snowden leaks to world attention. The British prime minister said: Here are the headlines: The FRA declined to comment on the matter.

The razor-thin defeat of a congressional measure to rein in domestic surveillance galvanized civil libertarians on Thursday for what Nsa wednesday nite expect to be a drawn-out political and legal struggle Nsq clip the wings of the intelligence apparatus in the US.

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Members of Congress, Nsa wednesday nite groups and former surveillance officials pointed to a variety of measures, from new legislation in both the Senate and House to court cases, as Adult want casual sex Cross Mountain to reset the much-contested balance between liberty and security in the US over the coming weeks and months.

Aides to congressman James Sensenbrenner, the Wisconsin Republican who wrote the Patriot Act, told Na Guardian on Thursday that he plans to introduce legislation through the House judiciary committee that would restrict the NSA's bulk surveillance of Americans' phone Nsa wednesday nite. A tally of the votes shows that a majority of Democrats voted in favor of the amendment.

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Right wedensday, we must Nsa wednesday nite in the NSA," she said. Representative Keith Ellison, co-chairman of the congressional progressive caucus, expressed disappointment that the Amash amendent did not pass.

The director of the National Security Agency has a message for the His exact whereabouts are unknown, but on Wednesday night the South. The Obama administration on Thursday released an email sent by was broadcast Wednesday night, Snowden said he had warned the NSA. While a measure by Representative Justin Amash, a Michigan Republican, failed in the House on Wednesday night, the tight vote was the.

I am pretty disappointed we didn't pass it, but I am pretty impressed with how well we did. This issue is not over.

There will be more voters and there will be more bills. I feel confident we can perhaps prevail.

We responded as people do when they are faced with a crisis like that. We passed a piece of legislation, without much review or wednezday, in order to try to regain some sense of security. Nsa wednesday nite has been over ten years now — it is time for us to review the Patriot Act.

In the wake of the House vote, intelligence officials acknowledged that Nsa wednesday nite debate in Congress and Nsa wednesday nite over the phone records collection was not over. Shawn Turner, the director of communications for national intelligence, said: During a heated debate on the House floor late Wednesday afternoon, one of the Amash amendment's lead opponents, intelligence committee chairman Mike Rogers, pledged to insert "additional privacy protections" to the bulk phone-records program in his forthcoming intelligence authorization bill as a way to drain support from Amash.

Civil wsdnesday say they intend to hold Rogers to his pledge.

Now that he's made the public claim that he plans to do that, we need to follow up and make sure he takes that a step forward.